Nursery and Coffee Seedlings

Certified coffee seeds are sourced from Coffee Research Foundation, in Ruiru, Kenya. They are then germinated at the nursery, which has a capacity of 120 000 seedlings. These seedlings, when ready are then sold to farmers and any interested buyers at a reasonable price.
Different varieties of coffee plants are recommended for various altitudes. The following seedlings are available in our nursery:
  • SL 28 –For medium to high coffee areas without serious CLR.
  • SL 34 – For high coffee zone with good rainfall. Ruiru 11 –For all coffee growing areas. Resistant to both Coffee Berry Disease (CBD) and CLR.
  • Batian - A high yielding variety suitable for all areas. Resistant to Coffee Berry Disease and Coffee Leaf Rust.

Green Coffee

After processing the coffee at the wet mills, the coffee is taken to the dry mill for de-hulling, grading and liquoring. This ensures that only the highest quality coffee reaches the market. The Society sells green coffee (beans which have not been roasted) to international markets. These are packed in jute bags and taken to the market for export.

Roasted Coffee

Othaya Farmers Co-operative Society Limited has embarked on value addition of their coffee. The coffee is now available roasted and ground. The aim is selling to the domestic market a finished product so as to further enhance a coffee drinking culture locally. To achieve this, the finished product is packed in 100g and 250g packets and distributed. Those interested in retailing the coffee are encouraged to get in touch with us.